Where can you light up if N.J. legalizes weed? Here’s one politician’s plan

If New Jersey passes a law to permit adults to use marijuana recreationally, where should they be allowed to consume it?

Forcing people to light up at home may not be practical, said state Sen. Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, the driving force pushing for legalization in the upper house of the New Jersey Legislature.

Creating a “consumption zone” could be the way to go, Scutari, a municipal prosecutor, tells NJ Cannabis Insider.

“Some private homes are really not appropriate for consumption, such as apartment buildings or public housing,” Scutari said. “We’re looking to kind of flesh that out to allow people to consume without interfering with other people’s enjoyment of life. Perhaps something adjacent to the dispensaries.”

Scutari is expected to amend the legalization bill he introduced in the last legislative session, to address these and other issues.

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